Four Helpful Tips when Buying Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is a famous choice because it is affordable, available in various designs, and durable. If you are planning to buy silver jewellery pieces, check the following tips to find the perfect pieces.

Determine the Jewellery Quality

Sterling silver must be stamped with 925 or .925 which means 92.5% silver. The pieces that have less silver content than sterling silver may not keep the original color. If you cannot find the stamp, make sure you buy from a trusted jeweller. Before your purchase silver, take the time to check for visible flaws. If you are buying silver earrings, ensure you check the strength of earrings pots and clasps.

Choose your Style

Sterling silver is available in different styles. Consider the clothing you own and the purpose of your silver piece when you shop for silver jewellery. If you want a piece you can wear every day and one that tends to go with everything, think about purchasing a simple silver chain, a bangle bracelet, a classic silver hoop earring or simple silver rings. To give more pop of color to your outfits, check out collections of beautiful gemstone rings and pendants.

Buy Interchangeable Jewellery

If your jewellery budget is tight, think about buying interchangeable silver jewellery. There is no need to spend lots of money on a lot of individual pieces. Consider getting a single silver necklace and multiple pendants which can be switched up every day instead of getting multiple necklaces with charms. Stacking silver rings are also available individually on all different fingers or you can choose to stack them together to come up with the look of an over-sized statement piece.

Know where to Buy

You can buy silver jewellery in jewellery stores, department stores, booths, and from independent jewellery designers. Also, you can get it online. You can choose custom-made pieces which include personalized designs or pick from readily available pieces. Before you buy a piece, don’t forget to ask about the return policy so you can get your money back in case something is wrong with the piece. If you are looking to purchase silver jewellery online, research the website selling it to choose a reputable dealer. Also, make sure you pick a secure website before you give them your credit card information. Also, the right jeweller will have a policy in terms of jewelry repair and cleaning either for free or a small fee.